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Marble & Granite Natural Stone is completely timeless and elegant. With its naturally occurring characteristics, they are uneven in size and different in composition color and texture. This is one of the unique features that distinguishes natural stone from synthetic. More and more people are utilizing natural stone, marble, granite incorporated into their homes or as workplace or flooring. When you look at the durability and integrity of natural stone, combined with its' timeless appeal, it has been an outstanding choice.
Natural stone is commonly found in bathroom floors, kitchen countertops, and patios and fireplaces. Hotels especially, look elegant and luxurious because of the sparkling and stunning beauty of natural stone tiles. Stone is smooth to touch, simple and has varieties of wonderful patterns.
Newstar stone has built projects that range in size from retail finish outs to entire shopping malls; dental and medical offices to entire hospitals; hotel rooms to entire resorts; public restrooms to entire amusement parks, and much more.
* Included all kinds of standard size:305x305x10mm( 12”x12”x3/8"),400x400x10mm( 16”x16”x3/8”),457x457x10mm(18”x18”x3/8”),600x600x20mm(24”x24”)
Or other size as per Projects’ or Client’s requirement 
Or Cut-to-size
* All kinds of Surface Treatment can be chosed, Granite Tiles, with Polished , Honed, Flamed, bush hammered, Acid-Washed, River-Washed, Calibrated, Beveled & Grooved.