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Stone Stair Treads and Risers Measurement

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2018

Natural stone is the material for the stairs and risers.

Taking into account the function of the stairs, stone used as outdoor step treads should have good abrasion resistance. Generally, we will choose the granite.

And stair treads are also required to have anti-slip function. Indoor treads are generally selected for polishing or honed granite, good wear-resistant marble, can pull the anti-slip bar or cut out anti-skid groove.

Outdoor step board generally use matte surface, flamed, swan cut and other rough surface granite , general step tread plate, vertical plate should use the same kind of stone.

Handrails, railings, panels, flower lines, side panels, etc., generally choose a soft stone such as marble. Marble has a good processability, colorful colors and arch pattern selection, use more is a light-colored marble and other polished marble. The choice of colors should be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Measurement of stair treads and cover riser:

Still need to divide two kinds, the first cover riser presses the stair treads, the second stair treads presses the cover riser.

1. Riser presses the stair treads

2. Stair treads presses the cover riser

The height of the stair treads shall be less than the thickness of the stone slab in the size of 1 and the width of the pedal shall be plus the thickness of one board in the size of 1.

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