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How to Install Stone Background Wall

Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Below are our step by step guide to help you learn how to stone background wall installation methods and orders.

Stone background wall installation method:

1. The background wall is installed on a flat cement wall or woodwork base.

2. Plates and borders are glued with stone AB glue. Roman columns are made of dry stone pendants (90-degree angles, picks, expansion screws) and AB glues. Roman headings can be used directly. Paste with AB glue. Top border needs dry attachment and AB glue to install.

3. After reading the attached plane and profile view, combine the background wall and put it on the ground (typesetting).

stone background wall installation

Stone wall installation order:

1. Measure the size of the wall and background wall to ensure that the installation location is accurate → 2. Install the skirting board → 3. Install the background fillings (the center of ) → 4. Install the two side wall panels (if no ,can be ignored) → 5. Install the plate → 6. Install the Roman column (column capital→ column body → column base) → 7. Installation line and the bottom of the small foot → 8. Install the lock and bend line (if the factory sticky, can be ignored) → 9. Install the top line ((if no, can be ignored)


1. The column is pressed onto the plate; the lines are pressed against the plate and the background filling. The small feet under the lines are pressed against the baseboard and the plate (therefore the background is slightly longer than the baseboard. Please note the position when installing) .

2. It will be strong and fixed, need to wait for the stone AB glue turn dry; if AB glue is not dry, please pay attention to safety.

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